On Demand CSA

Happy Acres Homestead is now proud to offer an “on-demand” Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) project. We’ve generated enough eggs to offer some for sale, so we’d like to offer them to those who need them and those interested on supporting the farm concept.  Given that we’re trying to operate at a given scale, and that we concerned about minimizing food miles, we ask that you fill out one of our customer forms if you’re interested in becoming a customer of the Happy Acres CSA.  The customer form helps us figure out how to deliver your eggs and gives us all your contact information to streamline things.

Once your signed up, we’ll send your information on how to order.  We are focusing on people in Oakley and Downtown Asheville, but we’re flexible (again we’re focusing on minimizing how hard the food has to travel to get to your plate).  You can check out our current price list here.  We currently have duck and chicken eggs available, and we’ll be adding more products as we get into the growing season.

If you’re interested, fill out the customer form here.