Planting season is upon us!!! It’s like a race to see who can get out of the starting gate first!

We have the raised beds on the lot in shape for planting! We also just planted some herbs up at the house; dill, basil and rosemary; which we got from the 26th Annual Asheville Herb Fest on May 1st – 3rd. In the two large raised beds at the house we have random lettuces, water cress, garden cress, beets, chard, collards and kale planted. This is all sprouting and coming up quickly! Except for the chard. I personally feel like that bed is a dud….

Chicks! These three were supposed to be a Heritage breed..but they are looking more and more to be Bantams… Oh well!

We do the “lasagna” style of getting our garden beds read for the season, AKA Layers! Cardboard, wood chips (Free 99!), coffee grounds, leaves, stump grindings, then top soil.

Here’s the progression:

Wood chips. Vital. These will decompose quickly! Also, to get them for free or really cheap, contact a local company that cuts down trees. They will be more than happy to get rid of their chips!
Leaves from the previous fall – collect everyone’s and put in the compost! I guarantee you will NOT regret it!
Stump Grindings. I found sooo many amazing worms in this stuff! I got it from our local tree chopping company for FREE!
The final product. Topsoil on top of all the layers I have no doubt that we will have some amazing produce out of these beds!

The ducks decided to help out with the garden beds as well!!! They did such great work! Probably eating all my harvested worms!
beehive boxes
We lost hives this winter. Thankfully we have a hive left! They are super duper busy bees!

Who doesn’t want some awesome worms in their gardens!

Well that’s all for now! We will be posting more updates in the near future! Onward with Urban Farming!