So not too much to this post. I went to go take care of our ducks and chickens on “the lot” (which is a vacant lot located one house down a hill from ours in a strange little gully) this weekend and snapped this picture. As I went to step over the fence, I noticed the weird looking duck pictured below. He was actually quite polite around the whole ordeal and very non-confrontational.

The chickens roosting above him sleep on the fence every night until I come to tuck them in and the ducks were in their (open) house about three feet away. He had no interest in eating the birds and the ducks (who freak out about the wind blowing too hard) were not phased leading me to believe this wasn’t his first visit. I waited a while until he lumbered off.

Personally, I struggle with trapping them and moving them since obviously by the size of him and his crossed eyes (I’ve always been told their eyes cross as they age), he’s been living in the neighborhood for a while.

I’ve heard several sources claiming that opossums kill chickens, but from experience, I’ve never seen it. We actually have a baby opossum that runs wild in the upper yard and he’s not done anything other than terrorize the front yard.